Increase Impression Rates With HTML5 Banners, GIF Banners

At we specialize in web banner design which increases click rates and conversions. And we do this by combining our knowledge of creating visually appealing and interactive ads with optimizing performance (i.e. making ads easier to load).

Our services include GIF web banner design and HTML5 web banner design that are compatible with AdRoll and AdWords.

The GIF format first appeared in June 1987. The first banner ads in 1994, with the launch of Wired Magazine’s digital content. And it wouldn’t be until more than 25 years later that HTML5 would be officially released in 2014.BannersMall has been operating since 2003.

Today GIF and HTML5 are the most prevalently used web banner design formats.

Though much has changed since the advent of these types of banners, and banner ad campaigns as a whole, some fundamentals remain true: A banner needs to have a compelling message to attract consumers.

The stakes are higher than ever now when competing for consumer’s attention and creative web banner design is key. Equally important is mobile optimization. Especially when consumers are spending as much time as they are on mobile devices.

Within the broad umbrella of mobile optimization lie considerations of screen size, connection data rate, and run-time environment.

Desktop screen sizes are generally large enough to display most ads. Mobile of course is a different ballgame altogether. Resizing your designs to ensure they work in all of the environments you require is non-negotiable as a result. In addition to size file weight is important to consider as well, as it can delay page loading and cause users to lose interest.

In 2018 it’s been projected by eMarketer that mobile ad spending will come in at 75% of all digital ad spending in the U.S. This is a 20% increase over the last year to $70 billion USD. In the past decade U.S. spending on mobile ads has increased by 21 775%.

Banner ads have performed as the second highest revenue generating format across all regions, globally according to Appodeal, an ad mediation company. They ranked just behind mobile video advertising.

While the performance of other ad formats continues to fluctuate, the strong performance of banner ads has much to do with their extremely high impression rates and subsequent monetization properties.

Developing and managing banner campaign strategy and simultaneously paying attention to the specifications for each part of a campaign’s creative can overwhelm resources at even the largest companies. Which is why at BannersMall our team of designers specializes in web banner design that deliver results.

11 Tips For Creative Banner Design

The goal of every web banner design is to get targeted messaging in front of a target audience. This is true, no matter the format, whether it’s a static or an animated banner design; GIF or HTML5.

Helping customers find solutions and monetizing this interaction is at the heart of every campaign. As is increasing the number of customers engaged with each ad campaign. That’s why we focus on creative banner design at

Here are a few tips for creative banner design that effectively promotes your products. You can use these on static designs, though we recommend animated banner design:

  1. Consistent placement of your logo—if you want consumers to know beyond a shadow of doubt that your brand is providing a particular solution, consistently place your logo.
  2. Appeal to emotion with your copy – generate an emotional connection (make your audience laugh or feel sentimental) or sell a promise to improve consumers’ lives.
  3. Appeal to emotion with your images—instead of a wide array of images that are disconnected from your CTA, choose a single image that draws your audience in.
  4. Try using your brand colour primarily so that your CTA can serve as a pop of colour.
  5. Tie your banner ad creatives to your larger marketing strategy. Build on the campaigns you have running by referring back to their copy with a simple CTA.
  6. Using your ad copy, ask a question, or begin a sentence for which your logo and tagline are the solution.
  7. Use longer messages on your CTA buttons. Make them a part of your overall ad copy and include directional signage (i.e. an arrow) to help consumers navigate.
  8. Have a brand ambassador? Or a brand asset (e.g. mascot, character, etc.)? Use them in your banner ads! Consistency is key not only when it comes to your logo.
  9. Add a mouse arrow on the edge of your CTA button to trigger an action.
  10. Use a promotion in you CTA. Instead of “Learn More” or “Buy Now”, consider “Start Your Free Trial”.
  11. Incorporate A/B testing into your design when considering placement of your message, CTA buttons and use of colour.

Over to you! Try out any or all of these web banner design ideas and make your next campaign more impactful than the last.

Remember, performance matters and performance varies. Don’t get caught with all your eggs in one basket.


Get Click Worthy With A Unique GIF Banner Design

Trying to figure out how to generate clicks that become conversions? For starters you’ll want to invest in creative and catchy web banner design services. There are too many brands competing for your target audience’s attention to drop the ball on this.

And you’ll want to make sure the types of designs you’re using are the most engaging – like GIF web banner ads.

GIF, or Graphic Interchange Format, banners, have been around since 1987 and support 256 colours. And despite what immediately comes to mind when you hear GIF – like the best forms of web humour—they can actually be animated or static. The one thing required for a banner to be considered a GIF banner is that it has the .gif extension.

Almost all individuals and organizations will opt for a GIF web banner which is animated. This because the chances of engagement and conversion optimization are much higher with an animated banner.

Inanimated GIF web banner designs, the rotating frames of images and text create a sense of motion and repetition. Both of these components are important to generating a sense of curiosity about a problem or opportunity and communicating a service or product as a solution.

For instance, in an initial frame, a question can be posed to which a company can presentits tailored solution. In this waya GIF banner design can be used to effectively roll out new products, kick off a campaign, and share new elements and assets of a brand.

While the file format would remain the same, there are many ways to customize a GIF banner design to ensure that the animation is always eye-catching. With transitions alone, there are endless effects and variations to play with. And many different platforms on which to share these banners.

GIF web banner designs are one of the most used and supported formats of banner ads. They work well on mobile devices, are widely perceived as interactive and fun, and allow you to control the timing of your animations.

They can be used on advertising platforms, such as Google Adwords, social media networks and on websites. Their versatility, and ability to be optimized for the digital spaces where your target audience is, makes them a great tool to leverage.

With all of the time, energy and financial resources that go into planning, creating and monitoring a banner ad campaign, you’ll want to leverage every bit that you can of your banners!

Optimize Your Google AdWords Banner Ads, Optimize Your Results

Optimize Your Google AdWords Banner Ads, Optimize Your Results

There’s no doubt about it – an increasing number of consumers complete their research on purchases they plan to make online. Social media is undeniably a big player in this space as an influencer. But we all know the first thing we do when we want to look something up—we Google it.

Which is why Google is also one of the first ad networks that comes to mind when any company launches a banner ad campaign. And it’s also why part of planning a campaign is inevitably considering your AdWords banner design.


The Google Display Network reaches 90% of internet users worldwide. Beyond just reach, it allows you to measure your results so you can identify how effectively your campaign is performing and course correct as needed until you achieve the results you want.

So, for all these reasons and much more, it is crucial that you follow AdWords banner specifications. The cost of looking the other way is much higher than you would want to pay. It’s not just about a beautiful design and catchy copy going to waste. It’s missing out on Google’s ad network and the power to advertise over Gmail and more than 2 million websites and 650 000 apps in highly targeted ways. The more you know about your audience, the more ways in which you tailor your campaigns to reach them. Who wouldn’t want to make the most of that?

Working with BannersMall, figuring out banner specifications isn’t something you’ll have to worry about at all. We focus on the nitty gritty, so you can stay focused on the big picture for your brand.

Whether you opt for GIF or HTML5 banners, you’ll receive a combination of images and text, in customized layouts, with interactive elements and/or animations. All of this, in accordance with Google’s AdWords banner specifications.

You can count on your ads always being created in the most common display ad sizes including: square, small square, banner, leaderboard, inline rectangle, large rectangle, skyscraper, wide skyscraper, half-page ad, large leaderboard and mobile leaderboard. Designing with the most common display ad sizes in mind means your banners are being prepared to display across different types of websites without any issues.

This comes in handy to support your targeting methods for your campaigns—however simple or complex they may be. Targeting can be done based on placement (which websites you want to appear on), context (using keywords related to your products and services), topics (from an existing list of page topics), interests (from an existing list of interest categories), or remarketing (through the use of cookies).

Whatever ways you mix and match your strategies to reach your audience, making sure your AdWords banner design is following AdWords banner specifications is one step you can’t afford to miss. With BannersMall you won’t.

HTML5 Banners, HTML5 Web Banners and Flash Banners Differences

HTML5 is a Hypertext markup language used for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web and Markup is what HTML tags do to the text inside them. They mark it as a certain type of text.

Ever since HTML5 Banner came onto the banner design advertising scene, there has been a bit of a divide between the formats.

Flash banner design used to be the format of choice for rich media banners. Compared to static images or GIFs, Flash banner design stood head and shoulders above for click-through rates. It allowed ads to move and be interactive. Flash banner design was a formidable tool. Used badly, it annoyed visitors no end, but used well, it became a powerful creative medium.

However, now Flash banner design has a little problem: there is a new kid on the block. Updates to HTML (called HTML5 banners) have challenged the Flash crown as king of banners.

html5 web banners


HTML5 banners often weigh 3-5 times as much as a Flash banner but far too many people myopically focus on the aggregate total file size. They miss the unique strengths of HTML5 banner technology that we should be exploiting, these have a tremendous impact on loading time and overall performance which is the whole point of the file size limits anyway!

Flash banner compiled all assets into a single swf meaning that if 10 different flash banners on a site all used a certain library, it got baked into each and every swf. End users paid the file size price 10 times.

Multiply that by millions of ads and it gets pretty crazy. In HTML5 web banners , however, a library can be dropped onto a CDN (content delivery network) and shared among all banners, thus end users only load it once and it’s completely “free” thereafter…for all ads pointing at that CDN…on all sites.


Driving traffic to your website is essential part of building and growing a successful business. Google Adwords is the place where you can promote your online business for bringing traffic to your website is often the first step in the sales process. Display advertising continues to be an important way to drive traffic; take a help of Google Adwords to promote your business however, there have been major changes to in this area, making display advertising more data driven than ever before.

Placement of a display ad on a web page can have a great effect on how well it will convert viewers. The best converting banners are those that sit above the fold, i.e. towards the top of the web page. Further, according to the latest benchmark report by Sizmek, HTML5 banners convert better than other including Flash and static banners.


Bannersmall is most popular in servicing the customers with HTML5 banner design; it has done the through survey on customer views and current trends about business world and trying to help businessman to promote their business and reach the customers for their products by using the latest technology and applications and tools like HTML5, this is the tool which is helping the promoters for the promotion with appropriate time, motion and speed.

Professional HTML5 animated banners & HTMl5 web banners with BannersMall

Banners Mall is a graphic design and Web Design Company and we are capable of providing our customers with outstanding designs crafted specifically for our clients spread across the globe in 67 countries. We have been into the business since 2003 and believe in providing quick service and guaranteed satisfaction to our customers. The originality and exclusivity that we bring in our designs separates us from the rest of the crowd and helps us in strengthening our relationship with the client as we design specifically to the client’s needs.

We, at Banners Mall, work on all types of graphic design including HTML Banners. In the field of banner advertising, HTML5 banners hold a strong position. They give a major boost to online advertising and provide the flexibility of managing ads on any device whether it’s a laptop, Smartphone or a tablet. HTML5 reduces the chances of any error and helps in improving the production of banners. In the present digital age, we need HTML web banners that have the ability to attract customers and ultimately generate sales and brand awareness for the companies. We need animated ad banners that are unique and are able to grab attention of the customers. That is where Banners Mall comes into picture. Unlike other companies, we don’t use design templates as we believe in designing specifically according to the client’s needs.

For the past 14 years, we have created around 200,000 remarkable hand crafted designs and have managed to keep more than 12,000 happy customers with an overall satisfactory percentage of 100%. We believe in fast service and we work on a timeframe of providing the designs within hours to maximum of 3 days.  The customer’s happiness and satisfaction is of prime importance to us. We have a 100% cash back policy in case the client is not satisfied with our designs. We believe in working closely with our customers to help them achieve their goals. We have a team of qualified, super creative designers who through their dedication and hard work are able to provide one of the finest HTML5 designs. Our continuous approach to create exclusive designs helps us in achieving success and makes us the best in what we do.

We BannersMall strive towards providing best in class service.  By providing exclusive hand crafted designs along with a super fast service and 100 percent customer guarantee, we strive towards setting a strong footstep in the market and  aim towards bring a smile on each customer’s face.


Banners Mall – Animated Banner GIFs served Hot here!!!

Not so long ago, Banners where just a big roadside hoarding showing off a product to people passing by, bigger the banner, higher the people who view it, but higher the cost and lots of time wasted on unproductive works. In this digital universe Animated Banners GIFs, the game changer, has today empowered marketers to widen their medium of visibility and hence their reach.

An Animated Web Banners GIF or Graphic Interchange Format is typically a frame that contains multiple images or texts (customised to requirement) and they carry .gif file extension. So, in a single GIF file the viewer sees a continuous transition between different images or frames thus producing a sense of being in- motion. Unlike a static GIF where there is only one frame an Animated GIF customarily will have multiple frames which will keep changing and hence giving flexibility in the content to the marketers.

Web banner designs using GIF first appeared on the marketing scenes in 1987 when Steve Wilhite, then working for CompuServe, introduced Banner designs with a simple Bitmap image format. He used black and white colour since these were the only two colours available at that time. Through time, the colours available have gone up to 256 colours for each image or frame in the GIF file. Today, with the explosion of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram etc creating GIF have become the popular medium for marketers to advertise their offerings. For really relevant Banner designs, Animated banners GIFs are used extensively because it’s more engaging and fetching but then there is also a huge application of the single frame or static GIFs for specific ad campaign.

A GIF conveys more than a picture and it takes considerably lesser time than creating a video. They are also easier to create than any other medium of Visual media. For a marketer, a GIF can be used in places videos cannot be used due to restriction in the size of the files. That’s because .gif files are relatively very lean files. Marketers can use GIF to display their product suite or evolve stories by using Animated Banner GIFs. GIF gives unlimited placement option and marketing strategies can be enlarged for reachability or adjusted of targeted audience. A seasonal campaign, a hastily planned initiative or seeking feedback from the viewer for their research GIF gives the marketer much needed bridge to reach out to their prospective audience.  For a viewer, GIF are marvellous since they are easy to comprehend, they can view it on their mobile phones, and interesting since marketers, as a part of their marketing strategy, make their GIFs interactive.

Designing GIFs is really very simple and doesn’t really require the use of super computers to get the required output. All that’s required are images adhering to certain standard qualities (else the images will not get displayed properly once converted to a GIF) and a fitting content. Once the template is decided then input these images and content, input the transitions, save the content and name the banner design. The Banner is now ready to be downloaded as a GIF format and choice of 256 colours.

If social media has leapt the netizens worldwide even closer together, then GIFs has allowed the pictures convey countless words. That why the all-pervasive phrase – LET’s GIF… LET’s BannersMall